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Ericsson W21
3G Router
for 3G/HSDPA Networks



The Ericsson W21 3G Router is the ideal choice for data applications using Wireless Local Loop (WLL).

Thanks to the Ericsson W21 3G Router, mobile service providers can supply broadband internet to areas that do not have copper infrastructure.

WLL is ideal in mountainous villages or remote areas, providing a landline like connection with dial tone.


The Ericsson W21 HSDPA Router provides high speed broadband internet in areas where copper wire does not exist.

Users can simply connect the W21 to a computer via USB, ethernet or WiFi and enjoy broadband speeds similar to high speed ADSL.

Typical applications include building sites, disaster areas, exhibitions, roadside offices and shopping centres.


The Ericsson W21 UMTS Router provides a high speed internet service for marine vessels.

The W21 can be connect a single computer or all people onboard can get internet access wirelessly via WiFi.

The W21 provides a low cost alternative to satellite communication when a boat is in port or crusing along the coastline.

For more information visit www.internetforboats.com


The Ericsson W25 3G Fixed Wireless Terminal provides a solution for companies that require a backup internet service for their landline based DSL.

A backup internet connection is mandatory for most companies as business these days rely on email and applications that require constant internet access.

As the Ericsson W25 uses the mobile networks, internet access is not affected by cut cables or unscheduled maintenance of landline infrastructure.




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